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NADA BRAHMA: Nada- a sanskrit word meaning: sound; Brahma- a Hindu name of God. Therefore Nada Brahma means that the Sound is God. Also The Sound of God.


"SACRED" is how I would describe my individual experience with Michele Halliwell's Sound Healing Session on her vibroacoustic table.  I had no previous expectations and wanted to remain open to her gifts.  Words cannot accurately capture my experience.  There was such a sacred and powerful peacefulness from the moment I entered her space.  Michele's work was intensely deep and moving.  I felt a tremendous flow of energy move through all my chakras.  It was unbelievable!!!  At the end, I felt a huge, angelic aura completely surrounding me.

It's true that all of us have divine gifts which are meant for others.  But, the work that flows through us is affected by how balanced and healthy we keep ourselves.  Michele's work is so pure, so divine, and so powerful.  I've never experienced such uplifting power before and I have been blessed to experience the gifts of many amazing healers.  I would highly recommend Michele's work.  It speaks for itself.  It is the most sacred and powerful work that is so moving and life changing.  I loved every aspect of her work, the healing sound, the massage, the reiki and the divinity from where she draws her gifts.  Thank you Michele!!!

Kathy Kehoe, LCSW

Tree of Life Wellness Center

Marlton, NJ

"Michele is a truly gifted Sound Healing Practitioner with extraordinary intuitive capabilities.  The Crystal Bowls Meditation workshop that she facilitates is not only deeply meditative but profoundly healing and absolutely beautiful!  The vibration and sound that emanates from these magical singing bowls leaves one in a state of bliss.  This is an exceptional experience that should not be missed!"​
Susan Tartaglino, owner

Sacred Om Yoga

Pt. Pleasant, NJ


"Michele offers an immense creative force of sound through her Crystal Bowl Concerts. Her harmonies move matter, both molecular and crystalline.  It's believed that sound is at the core of creation and shapes the universe in which we dwell. Each concert is a significant reflection of symbolic resonance and human reminders to dwell in the universal heart space of love. Michele lives in that neighborhood and fortunately visits our sacred Center often."
Alaine Portner, owner, RYT

Yoga Center of Medford​​

Medford, NJ

"Michele's Drumming Circles are fun, informative and healing.  She has a deep respect for and knowledge of the Native American culture. This coupled with her expertise with sound healing makes for a very special experience.  The high energy and feeling of community are exhilarating."
Maryann P. Miller, M. Ed., CH

Consciously Living LLC

NJ Balance Wellness Center, Medford, NJ

Certified Heal Your Life® Teacher/Workshop Facilitator​​


As a professional spiritual counselor and sound healer myself, I can tell you that Michele's sounds of healing, her commitment to Loving God, her family and community, IS her speciality. That's who she is and what she does. I believe that it takes a greater, higher humility for real healing to take place. Michele has that rare quality of being both a grounded, practical, human worker and that of a tremendously gifted natural sound healer. Go sing, drum, chant, or just listen to the divine chords of Healing Harmonies. Your heart will be glad it did.  

The "Mystic Rev."  CGC  

The Mystic Gathering Center

Mystic, CT


"Michele is truly a gifted Sound Healing Practitioner The Crystal Bowls workshop that she facilitates is an experience not to be missed. The vibration of these magical bowls lifts one into a state of bliss and inner peace. It is not only relaxing but, deeply healing and absolutely wonderful!"

 Barbara Paulsen, E-RYT, LMT

Owner, Yoga Inspired Studio, Pitman, NJ


Re:Sonic Sound Healing with the Planetary Gongs of Earth & Jupiter

Healing Gongs are no understatement. They are phenomenal as Michele is guided to play. Although everyone has their own personal experience, I felt an instant telepathic communication with the sound and release of any stagnant and toxic energy, leaving me so relaxed and peaceful.  Time passed quickly and my body, mind and soul wanted an encore. I highly recommend the experience.

Terri W.






"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God (John 1:1)"


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