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NADA BRAHMA: Nada- a sanskrit word meaning: sound; Brahma- a Hindu name of God. Therefore Nada Brahma means that the Sound is God. Also The Sound of God.

sound healing facilitator

Michele Halliwell received her certificate in sound healing in 2010, trained  under the direction of Zacciah Blackburn, Ph.D. at The Center of Light in Ascutney, VT. Additional training includes the International Healing Sounds Intensive, in 2013 with Jonathan Goldman, M.A./Master Sound Healer in Boulder, Colorado. She is also a certified massage therapist with over 22 years experience and a Reiki practitioner for over two decades. She also completed a Shakti Naam yoga teacher training in NYC and received her RYT certification in 2016. ​Her scope of work includes facilitating sound healing meditations with the quartz crystal singing bowls, vocal toning, healing drum/sound circles, Planetary Gong Immersion, private sound healing sessions and teaches Shakti Naam, the yoga of sound & light.​ Organizer and facilitator of the 12/21/12 Gathering, The Women's Spiritual Weekend Retreat 2013, Sound, Spirit & Consciousness Retreat 2015 and  host of The Power of Sound workshop in October 2011, among others. She also has had the great privilege of hosting a visit, in May of 2012 & Oct. 2019, with the Tibetan Monks of South India while visiting NJ on their USA tour.  Michele has visited, and participated in spiritual practices at various sacred sites and energy vortexes which include Mt. Shasta, Egypt, Peru, Bolivia, Mexico, Arizona, The Isle of Iona, Scotland, England and New Zealand.  Community service includes volunteering as a counselor for a MVNA Children's Bereavement Camp and  Hospice program, and Virtua's NICU Cuddler's Program.  

Michele is dedicated to sharing the therapeutic and transformational aspects of sound as a holistic healing modality. Bringing sound awareness to the community and individuals and demonstrating how sound, frequency and intention can help improve overall physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.  Cultivating inner harmony and a deeper connection to all living things. 


"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God (John 1:1)"


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